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Ukraine’s Air Force launches 10 strikes on enemy positions, Russia’s Su-25 destroyed

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The Air Power of Ukraine introduced 10 strikes on enemy positions. Russia’s Su-25 assault plane was ruined.

The Basic Personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this in an night update on Fb on January 17, Ukrinform reports

“Through the day, plane of the Protection Forces of Ukraine carried out 10 strikes on the parts of focus of enemy staff, weapons and military services equipment. All through the working day, our defenders wrecked an enemy Su-25 plane,” the report states.

Models of the Ukrainian rocket troops and artillery hit two enemy command posts and an place of concentration of invaders, as nicely as an enemy ammunition depot, an electronic warfare technique and a radar station.

It is noted that the Russian troops continue to perform the complete-scale armed aggression from Ukraine. Obtaining no important achievements on the battlefield, the enemy strikes tranquil settlements, continues to wipe out the infrastructure and houses of the civilian inhabitants, violating the norms of global humanitarian legislation, the guidelines and customs of war.

In the course of the day, the Russian invaders launched 4 missile strikes, hitting a civilian object in the metropolis of Kramatorsk, Donetsk area. In addition, the enemy introduced 13 air strikes and carried out 23 assaults employing MLRS.

It is emphasized that there is nonetheless a danger of enemy air strikes and missile attacks on critical infrastructure facilities through Ukraine

As documented by Ukrinform, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 116,950 Russian troops in Ukraine from February 24, 2022 to January 17, 2023.


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