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Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to 112,470


The Armed Forces of Ukraine removed about 112,470 Russian troops in Ukraine from February 24, 2022 to January 10, 2023, such as 710 soldiers more than the previous working day.

The Basic Personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this in a article on Facebook, according to Ukrinform.

The enemy’s whole overcome losses contain also 3,084 tanks (+4 over the previous day), 6,154 armored beat automobiles (+7), 2,073 artillery systems (+4), 434 a number of start rocket techniques, 217 air protection programs, 285 aircraft, 275 helicopters, 4,817 motor vehicles (+8), 17 warships/cutters (+1), 1,860 unmanned aerial cars (+4), 183 specific gear models. A total of 723 enemy cruise missiles were shot down.

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The knowledge is remaining confirmed, the Standard Team mentioned.


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