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Feds found a smashed Xbox and more in a dumpster at Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira’s house. Prosecutors allege he was covering his tracks.

An image of Jack Teixeira and the Pentagon.Jack Teixeira, 21, has been charged in connection with the leak of secret Pentagon documents.

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  • Jack Teixeira, who is suspected of leaking secret Pentagon documents, is due back in court.
  • Prosecutors are arguing that he should remain behind bars because he poses a flight risk. 
  • In court documents, they also allege that he tried to cover up his tracks by destroying evidence.

Smashed electronic devices, like an Xbox and others, were found at the residence of the 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking top secret and highly sensitive US military intelligence documents on social media, court documents show. Prosecutors allege they were destroyed to try and cover his tracks. 

Federal prosecutors argued in newly filed court documents that Jack Teixeira should remain in government custody because he poses a risk to US national security and could flee the country. They also allege that he can’t be trusted in the outside world given his alleged history of carrying out “obstructive and deceptive acts.”

When authorities discovered that sensitive US military documents were circulating on social media, Teixeira allegedly took measures to try and “thwart” the government’s ability to fully understand the extent of his actions, prosecutors say, according to court documents reviewed by Insider.  

He allegedly told users of a Discord server where the documents were first leaked to delete messages and not say anything if people came looking for him. And after Teixeira was arrested at his home in southeastern Massachusetts earlier this month, authorities found a dumpster at the residence that contained a smashed laptop, Xbox gaming console, and tablet.

In the dumpster, they also found a box for a new iPhone, the court documents said, noting that Teixeira told colleagues only a couple of days before he was picked up by authorities that he had a new phone number and email address. He allegedly said that his old phone was run over by a semi-truck after it blew out of the window of his vehicle.

“These efforts appeared calculated to delay or prevent the government from gaining a full understanding of the seriousness and scale of his conduct,” prosecutors allege in the court documents. “Any promise by the Defendant to stay home or to refrain from compounding the harm that he has already caused is worth no more than his broken promises to protect classified national defense information.” 

Prosecutors argue that if Teixeira were to be released from federal custody, he could distribute more classified information and possibly even flee the US to take refuge with a foreign adversary that would protect him. 

A judge is expected to rule on Thursday if Teixeira will remain behind bars. His original detention hearing was delayed last week. His attorneys did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment. 

Teixeira was arrested on April 13 in connection with a massive leak of top secret US military documents that contained highly sensitive information about the Ukraine war and various national security issues. The following day, he was charged with unauthorized retention and transmission of national defense information and unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material. He faces at least 25 years in prison — possibly even more. 

The trove of classified documents that Teixeira is suspected of leaking on social media circulated online for months before becoming the center of a federal investigation earlier in April. The documents contain sensitive information about US allies — like Israel, South Korea, and Egypt — and also its adversaries, like China, Russia, and North Korea.

Dozens of documents reviewed by Insider focus specifically on Russia’s war in Ukraine. They include detailed information about casualty and attrition rates, battlefield and combat capabilities, and the performances of various weapons systems. 

The disclosure of these documents to the general public has caused widespread unease in Washington and in US partner countries, some of which have sternly pushed back on the leaked US intelligence.

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