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Murdaugh murder mystery: Full special report details layers of the case

(NewsNation) — The double murder trial of disbarred attorney Alex Murdaugh kicked off Monday with jury selection in Colleton County, South Carolina.  

The killings of Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, are just one piece of an extensive web of events that surround the family, including mysterious deaths, alleged fraud and reported lies. With extreme complexities and multiple layers to the case, will the bombshell trial unravel mysteries surrounding the Murdaugh family?

A NewsNation special report breaks down the details of the much-anticipated case that’s being considered the trial of the century for the small South Carolina town.

Hosted by NewsNation anchor Marni Hughes, the special report features a deep dive into the Murdaugh family’s roots in South Carolina, when the downfall of the Murdaugh dynasty began, the mysterious deaths linked back to the family and legal expertise on what we can expect during Alex Murdaugh’s trial.

The Murdaugh family reportedly has ties to three other death investigations: a deadly boating accident in 2019, the mysterious 2018 death of their housekeeper and a 2015 fatal hit-and-run. In June 2021, Alex Murdaugh’s wife Maggie and son Paul were both found shot to death on the family’s hunting estate.

According to court documents, Maggie Murdaugh was shot multiple times, including in the back of the head while she was facedown on the ground. Paul Murdaugh, 22, was killed with a shotgun.

Alex Murdaugh’s defense team maintains his innocence in the double murder case.

Months later, Murdaugh himself ended up being shot in what authorities have called a botched suicide for hire plot.

Since the Murdaughs are known for having decades of power, control and deep connections, many in the Lowcountry are on pins and needles for what twists and turns may unfold during the trial. Despite it all, it boils down to a jury facing the question: Did Alex Murdaugh murder his wife and son?

Watch the full special report in the player above.

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