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The ultimate guide to surviving a layoff

job layoffs recessionNearly 40% of US workers said they “are nervous about being laid off,” according to a LinkedIn survey conducted in December.

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  • Top companies in corporate America, including Google, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs are cutting jobs. 
  • Nearly 40% of US workers “are nervous about being laid off,” according to a recent LinkedIn survey.
  • Insider’s guide has all the information you need about layoffs to help you land on your feet.

Some of the biggest names in corporate America are cutting jobs. 

While layoffs overall remain historically low, household names like Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Spotify have collectively shed tens and thousands of workers in recent weeks.

And as companies around the country scramble to get ahead of a possible recession, American workers are worried. Nearly 40% of US workers said they “are nervous about being laid off,” according to a recent LinkedIn survey of more than 2,000 US employees conducted in December.

If you’ve recently lost your job — or are afraid you will lose it soon — Insider has your back. We’ve compiled a guide with everything you need to know about reading the signs that your job is in jeopardy, collecting severance and unemployment benefits, handling retirement savings and health insurance, as well as taking care your mental health.

We’ve also got you covered with advice from career experts, executives, and people who have turned their careers around during prior economic downturns so that once you’re ready, you can start hunting for a new job. It’s a hard time, no doubt, but you’ll land on your feet.

What you should do if you’re worried about losing your job

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What you should do right now if you’ve been laid off

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What’s the best way to care for your mental health

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When it’s time to start the job search 

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