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New York Weather: Storm Timeline – 9:02 AM 1/16/2022

CBS2’s John Elliott has the latest weather forecast.

Andrew Cuomo accuser, Brittany CommissoCommisso (center) met with the Albany DA’s office on Monday and was told the office would not prosecute the case.NY Attorney General

Andrew Cuomo’s criminal sexual assault charges dropped

ALBANY — Andrew Cuomo appears to be spending his winter skating — at least when it comes to legal charges.
The criminal sexual assault case against the disgraced former governor was dropped Tuesday by the Albany County district attorney.
“Albany County District Attorney David Soares announced today that a thorough and independent review of the investigation into the allegations against former Governor Andrew Cuomo has concluded,” the DA’s office said in a statement.
“While many have an opinion regarding the allegations against the former Governor, the Albany County DA’s Office is the only one who has a burden to prove the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. While we found the complainant in this case cooperative and credible, after review of all the available evidence we have concluded that we cannot meet our burden at trial,” Soares’ statement said.
“As such we have notified the Court that we are declining to prosecute this matter and requesting the charges filed by the Albany County Sheriff be dismissed.”
It’s the latest in a series of fortunate breaks for the run-out-of-office Cuomo.
On Monday, it was revealed that the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office had dropped its probe into Cuomo over allegations he mishandled nursing homes during the initial coronavirus outbreak.
And last week, Cuomo was let off the hook by the Westchester County district attorney for inappropriately touching a female state trooper and kissing a random woman during separate incidents while he was in office.
Sources confirmed Brittany Commisso — the former Cuomo staffer and current state worker who filed the criminal complaint against Cuomo with the Albany Sheriff’s Office for groping her in the Executive Mansion in Albany — met with the Albany DA’s office on Monday and was told the office would not prosecute the case.
“I, like most New Yorkers, remain deeply troubled by allegations like the ones at issue here. Such conduct has no place in government or in any workplace. Although avenues for criminal prosecution in these cases are sometimes limited, I encourage victims of workplace harassment and abuse to continue to come forward and bring these issues to light so that these important discussions can continue,” said Soares.
“The decision to discontinue criminal prosecution is unrelated to any possible civil liability, which is beyond the scope of a District Attorney’s jurisdiction.”
Cuomo was due to be arraigned in court at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 7.
“In this case my client had no control over the filing or prosecution of criminal charges. She had no authority or voice in those decisions. The only thing she has any power over is her resolution to continue to speak the truth and seek justice in an appropriate civil action, which she will do in due course,” said Commisso’s lawyer Brian Premo in a text message to The Post.
Facing threat of impeachment, Cuomo resigned in August — a week after state Attorney General Letitia James released a 168-page bombshell report accusing him of harassing 11 women, including nine current or former state employees
Commisso’s claims against the governor were included in the report, though the timing of the alleged grope was left hazy, as it said in one section that it happened on Nov. 16, but also included a footnote saying that Commisso couldn’t remember the exact date.
Cuomo’s personal attorney, Rita Glavin, has tried to dismiss Commisso’s allegations by attacking the discrepancy in the timeline included in the James’ report.
However, data obtained by the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which investigated the claims against Cuomo, clarified the timeline, specifically with a December text that Commisso had helped the governor send to another aide around the time of the alleged incident.
Multiple requests for comment made to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office were not returned to The Post.
A representative for Cuomo could not be reached for immediate comment.

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Departing NYPD Chief Slams ‘Magical Thinking’ of Reformers

photo of ,manOutgoing NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. Photo via CBS-TV New York.

Blaming the rise in violent crime on “misinformed” efforts to overhaul the justice system, outgoing New York police commissioner Dermot Shea said authorities should stick with the kind of policies that were proven to keep people safe.

“I can also tell you that more than 80 percent of the people arrested for illegal gun possession this year are not in custody. Does that sound like a formula for success?” he wrote in an essay for the New York Post.

The essay, framed as advice to his incoming replacement, Keechant Sewell, on exactly what kind of job she is taking on in a city grappling with both a spike in crime and a department steeped in low morale, encouraged her to follow strategies that had already demonstrated success in crimefighting.

“She will have a hard enough job keeping nearly 9 million people safe with the tools we have,” he wrote.  “When I hear some officials say, ‘We can’t arrest our way out of our problems,’ I have to wonder: What problems are you talking about? If it’s opioid abuse, probably not; if it’s a rise in gang-related gun violence, if you’re not making arrests, you’re not addressing the problem.”

Shea, who was appointed commissioner in 2019, said that as a result of focused policing policies introduced by his predecessors and continued by him, the department made 44 percent fewer arrests than they had five years before.

But in 2020, following the onset of sweeping changes to New York’s legal system enacted by the state legislature, “ideology triumphed over expertise,” he wrote.

Bail reform meant that only defendants charged with a narrow range of offenses could be held before trial. A defendant’s history of violence — the best predictor of future violence — could not be considered by a judge. Discovery reform required DAs to produce a vast amount of documentation, much of it which he called irrelevant, before proceeding with a prosecution.

Shea drew a connection between these changes and the fact that, in the first two months of 2020, major crime in New York City went up 23 percent.

“During the past year and a half, all across the country, debates over criminal justice have been characterized by magical thinking, a wishful insistence that we can have public safety without police,” Shea complained.

“Budgets have been slashed. Resignations and retirements have further reduced police manpower. Morale is in a tailspin, which makes police recruitment — particularly among young Black men — especially challenging.”

As proof that arrests often yield results, Shea points to the 1980s, when police departments around the country shifted away from a laissez-faire approach to drunk driving and, as a result,  alcohol-related vehicular fatalities fell by 52 percent. In the 90s, a comparable change took place with the approach to domestic violence, with a “must arrest” approach to acts of physical injury by an intimate partner, resulting in a 65 percent reduction in domestic violence victimization rates between 1995 and 2015.

And while Shea agreed that we should have better preventative programs to put young people on a path to school and career success, and to interrupt violence before it happens, he warns that investments like these will take years to yield positive results and that many people today do not have that kind of time.

Many criminologists counter the arguments made by critics like Shea, pointing out that the evidence shows no correlation between bail reform and increasing crime rates.  In most categories other than violence, crime rates have continued to decline.

See also:  The Danger of a Return to Crime Alarmism, The Crime Report. Nov 23, 2021. 

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Media reaction to CDC guidance demonstrates global ‘madness’: Author

Author Douglas Murray comments on the media’s panic over new CDC quarantine guidance. #FoxNews #FoxNewsPrimetime
Michael Novakhov@mikenov
@NYCMayor @GovKathyHochul
This may be infected with ““.
Test them, they are very close to who transmit , as reported. in new york city GS 
Michael Novakhov@mikenov
@NYCMayor @GovKathyHochul

This squirrel may be infected with “COVID”.
Test them, they are very close to rats who transmit Omicron, as reported.
General Sanitation measures are needed to deal with city animals.

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New York Post


‘Psycho’ squirrel’s 48-hour Christmas rampage terrorizes town, injures 18 

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85-year-old woman dragged out of elevator in NYC purse snatching
Tue, 28 Dec 2021 23:17:07 +0000
An 85-year-old woman was dragged out of an elevator and robbed in a Bronx purse snatching the day after Christmas, and police are hoping surveillance video will lead to an arrest.It happened just after 3 p.m. Sunday inside an apartment building in the vicinity of East 149th Street and Morris Avenue in the Mott Haven section.

Jewish man says he was slugged in Brooklyn for wearing Israeli military hoodie – New York Post

Blake Zavadsky and his friend Ilan Kaganovich were allegedly attacked by two men who called them “dirty jews”, leaving Zavadsky with a black eye.
According to police, the shooting happened just before 8 p.m. inside of the 308 building on 68th Street in Bay Ridge. Surveillance video shows the …

Mild, cloudy Tuesday with rain returning at night

The unsettled weather pattern continues.
It may have taken a while for those snowflakes to reach the surface, but a few made it through the atmosphere. Central Park, LaGuardia, Newark and Islip all reported a trace amount of snow Monday. The transition to rain made getting around town a bit slick.
It was also a slippery start to the Tuesday morning commute with low visibility in spots.
As a result of freezing rain overnight, the National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory through 7 a.m. There were reports of an isolated icy glaze for parts of Sussex, Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess counties. With temperatures rising Tuesday afternoon, slick spots won’t be an issue.
But there is another round of showers arriving later Tuesday evening. Most of the region will get rain with some areas getting a mix north and west of the city.
Aside from a few lingering morning showers, Wednesday looks dry. Then a round of showers will likely get underway after midnight with periods of rain on Thursday.
It looks sunny and dry New Year’s Eve with partly cloudy conditions when the ball drops Friday night.
Finally, a coastal low is slated to bring more showers to the area over the weekend.
Regarding temperatures, the rollercoaster ride continues with highs reaching the low 50s on Tuesday, followed by a cool down, then a return to the 50s later in the week.
Don’t get too comfortable though. Cold temperatures are set to make a comeback early next week.

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Хрустальный шар на Таймс Сквер posted at 12:05:42 UTC by Euronews по-русски via euronews (на русском)

Традиция устанавливать шар на знаменитой нью-йоркской площади зародилась более 100 лет назад. ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ :

new york coronavirus stats | new york coronavirus stats on december 26 2021

Maine National Guard members arriving for orientation at Central Maine Medical Center, in Lewiston, Maine, this month. Their mission is to bolster medical staff in anticipation of a rapid increase in patients because of coronavirus infections.
This is the highest rate in New York. On Thursday, more than 8,200 new infections were reported across the Island. There were also 11 COVID-19-related …
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From Dec. 5, there has been a fourfold increase of Covid hospital admissions among children in New York City, where the Omicron variant is spreading …
7923514 Google Alert – coronavirus new york

In metro New York, half of the children being admitted to hospitals are younger than 5 and ineligible for vaccination.
7923514 Google Alert – coronavirus new york

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Gov. Hochul defends omicron response amid record case numbers 

Gov. Hochul defends omicron response amid record case numbers

ALBANY, N.Y. — New York Gov. Kathy Hochul defended her response to the COVID-19 pandemic on Friday, insisting that the state acted early and did all it could against the omicron variant’s rap…

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NY1 Weather @NY1weather

What difference! Comparing a snapshot of the snow NYC saw on this day one year ago to the unseasonably warm temperatures we have right now… 🥶❄️➡️🥵🌡
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Negar Adele Josephi @JosephiAdele

”Room in Brooklyn” 1932, Edward Hopper

Bernardini Rose-Claude @BernardiniR

Mon banc dominical/My Sunday Bench comment finir l’année sans elle #NewYork 🍎qui me manque tant #Brooklyn
Belle fin d’année à vous 😘 !!
@DELARUEEm @PMarlier @GaiaGR36 @Pauline_Nollet @McDoucere @CarolineDuc75 @PF33160 @DRINITSA @JeanLucPons @ElfieNeuberger @experienceloire….
Putin Blames U.S. for Ukraine Tensions – WSJ | New York Breaks Record For Single-Day Positive COVID Cases
Putin Blames U.S. for Ukraine Tensions

Putin Blames U.S. for Ukraine Tensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin hardened his rhetoric toward the West, blaming the U.S. and Europe for deteriorating relations and vowing to retaliate against their aggression as he ordered the… – 

Michael Novakhov@mikenov

The News And Times Information Network –  | 
This event marked the new and more vicious attacks on the USA, and in fact the masked declaration of war on America by the Russian Mob, in my opinion. -M.N.

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    Today we remember our brothers who were tragically taken away from us 7 years ago. Detective Rafael Ramos and Detective WenJian Liu were sitting in a marked police car when they were assassinated for the blue uniforms they wore. We will never forget.

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Kathy Hochul @GovKathyHochul

#COVID Update:
-267,422 Test Results Reported
-22,478 Positives
-8.41% Positive
-3,880 Hospitalizations (-29)
-58 new deaths reported by healthcare facilities through HERDS


Omicron Wave' Will Be Fast and Temporary, NYC Mayor Says – NBC New York

Selected Articles In Brief – Review in 250 Post 

New York Breaks Record For Single-Day Positive COVID Cases For 2nd Consecutive Day

Statewide, 21,908 people tested positive, beating out the previous day’s total of 21,027 positives.  

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Россия – это “Унтер-Офицерская Вдова, которая сама себя сечёт” на протяжении всей своей Византийско-Татарской Истории. Неча на зеркало пенять, коли рожа крива.

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‘Massive consequences’: G7 sends clear warning to Russia over Ukraine – Brisbane Times

‘Massive consequences’: G7 sends clear warning to Russia over Ukraine  Brisbane Times

Full Blinken: The International System Is ‘At Stake’ With Russia

Secretary of State Antony Blinken discusses President Biden’s recent phone call with Russian President Putin, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
» Watch more NBC video:

G7 nations agree Russia will face ‘massive consequences’ if it invades Ukraine: Blinken  New York Post
NATO-Russia consultation platform should be revived: Top German diplomat  Yeni Şafak English 

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