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11 Amazon Basics tech accessories that are actually worth the money, from charging cables to batteries

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collage of Amazon Basics Alkaline Batteries on a tabletop next to a game controller and an Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse on a tabletop adjacent to a laptop as two of the Amazon Basics tech accessories that are worth the moneyAmazon Basics sells lots of inexpensive tech products and accessories.


  • Amazon Basics makes tech accessories that are affordable and high quality. 
  • From charging cables to batteries, the brand has plenty of options at reasonable prices. 
  • We’ve gathered 11 of the best tech products from Amazon Basics that are sure to come in handy

Have you ever been caught without a charging cable or a pair of batteries when you needed them most? Well, if you’re looking to stock up on tech essentials, Amazon Basics has you covered with accessories that are both reliable and affordable. 

From wireless mice to memory cards, the brand offers simple, no-fuss tech items across many categories. And best of all, the Amazon Basics lineup has some of the most competitive pricing you’ll find online.

To help you snag tech essentials for less, we’ve gathered some of the best Amazon Basics electronics and accessories available right now.

Amazon Basics 6-Foot HDMI Cableamazon basics hdmi cable connecting a macbook to a TVThe Amazon Basics HDMI cable provides ample bandwidth for 4K video.


HDMI cables are a must for connecting most streaming devices, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, cable boxes, and laptops to your TV. Durable, flexible, and gold-plated to resist corrosion, this Amazon Basics high-speed HDMI cable is an excellent companion to keep by your entertainment console. It’s also rated for a bandwidth of 48Gbps, which means it can transmit 4K, 8K, and HDR video without any issues.

Amazon Basics AA Batteries (20-Pack)amazon basics AA alkaline batteries on a wooden surface next to a gaming controllerAmazon Basics batteries are super handy to keep around.


Have you ever had a remote die on you in a time of need, and discovered you had no batteries? Stocking up ahead of time can save you from that frustrating situation, and Amazon Basics batteries are a reliable and affordable option. They come in a variety of types, from AA to 9V, in different multipacks for you to purchase.

Amazon Basics 6-Foot Lightning Cable (2-Pack)amazon basics usb-a to lightning connector cable charging an iphone on a white deskYou can never have too many iPhone charging cables.


Any iPhone user knows, you can never have enough charging cables. Luckily, Amazon Basics makes a six-foot Lightning cable that is considerably cheaper than Apple’s own, without skimping on quality. The Amazon Basics Lightning to USB-A cable is Apple MFi Certified and supports up to a 2.4 amp charging current and up to 480Mbps for transferring data. If you expect your cable will see a lot of flexing, Amazon Basics also makes a nylon version

Amazon Basics 3-Foot USB-C Cableamazon basics usb-c to usb-a charging cable charging a smartphone on a wooden surfaceUSB-C cables are compatible with a ton of devices, from the latest smartphones to Macbooks.


USB-C cables are good for charging and data transferring with a wide range of devices, from Android smartphones and the Nintendo Switch to the newest Kindle e-readers. This Amazon Basics USB-C to USB-A cable supports fast charging up to 15W and data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps. It’s also durable and available in different colors and lengths. For more colors and a braided cable option, check out the nylon version

Amazon Basics Surge Protector Power Strip (2-Pack)amazon basics two pack surge protector power strip in blackThese power strips provide six extra outlets for small appliances, lamps, and more.


If your home has limited electrical outlets an Amazon Basics Power Strip is a convenient way to hook up more electronics. It offers a 200 Joule three-line basic surge protection rating, which Amazon says is ideal for small appliances, smartphones, lamps, and more. Buyers who need something a bit more heavy duty will have to look elsewhere, but this is a great solution for basic needs. 

Amazon Basics 50-Inch Tripodamazon basics lightweight 50 inch tripod with carrying caseThough it can’t handle heavier DSLRs, this tripod is perfect for lightweight cameras and smartphones.


Whether you’re setting up your camera for portraits or just need an extra hand to hold your phone for home videos, a lightweight tripod is an indispensable accessory. The Amazon Basics 50-Inch Tripod is inexpensive and versatile, with adjustable height legs and a three-way head for tilt and swivel motion. It’s not recommended for heavier DSLR cameras, but it will do the job with lighter models under 4.5 pounds. If you’re planning to use it with your smartphone, make sure to get an additional phone mount

Amazon Basics Extended Gaming Mouse Padamazon basics extended large gaming mouse pad in blackYou don’t have to be a gamer to benefit from an extended mouse pad.


Designed for gamers, this Amazon Basics mouse pad provides ample space for sweeping movements during fast-paced action. That said, you don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy the wide design — its large footprint not only protects your desktop from scratches, but also provides a non-skid surface for your keyboard to sit on. 

Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser Standamazon basics adjustable monitor riser stand on a desk with items stored underneathThis riser stand puts your monitor at a more comfortable height and provides extra storage underneath.


Keeping your monitor or laptop at an appropriate height on your desk helps you be more comfortable and maintain better posture when working. Rather than just keeping your display on top of a stack of books, consider using the Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser Stand. Its legs have adjustable lengths so you can set it to the perfect height on your desk, providing extra storage space underneath. 

Amazon Basics Wireless Mouseamazon basics wireless mouse next to a macbook on a wooden surfaceThe Amazon Basics wireless mouse is compact and convenient, with a USB Nano receiver that’s stored inside.


If you’re looking to make using your laptop or desktop a little more comfortable, a wireless mouse can make a big difference. The Amazon Basics version is affordable and available in a handful of different colors. It uses a nano receiver that securely stays in your computer’s USB port or stows conveniently inside the mouse when not in use. 

Amazon Basics 128GB microSDXC Memory Cardamazon basics micro sdxc memory card being plugged into a mabcookThe Amazon Basics microSDXC Memory Card has countless uses.


Compatible with devices like smartphones, cameras, drones, and Nintendo Switch consoles, the Amazon Basics microSDXC Memory Card has a ton of different uses. It’s shockproof, IPX6 waterproof, temperature-proof, x-ray-proof, and magnetic-proof, meaning it can survive even in an action camera like a GoPro. At only $14 for 128GB, it’s one of the most affordable options available.

Amazon Basics 12W USB Wall Charger (2-Pack)Amazon Basics One-Port 12W USB Wall Charger plugged into a wall charging a smartphoneThis wall charger is small and easy to travel with.


The Amazon Basics 12W USB-A Wall Charger can provide up to 2.4 amps of power to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device. Lightweight and compact with collapsible prongs, it’s an excellent travel companion for keeping your electronics juiced up. Just note, this model does not support quick charging, but the brand does make other wall chargers that do.

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