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Here are 3 things you should do immediately if you get laid off

Stock photo of businessman carrying box with personal belongings on sunny day.Manpower Group President Becky Frankiewicz told Insider workers should take three key steps after they’ve been laid-off to get back on their feet.

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  • Layoffs are sweeping many companies right now.
  • If you’re laid off, you can take some steps immediately to boost your chances of finding another job soon.
  • At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Manpower Group president Becky Frankiewicz told Insider that laid-off workers should reflect on achievements and focus on their skills.

From Amazon to Goldman Sachs, corporate America is slashing jobs left and right. With concerns of a recession on the horizon, laid-off workers should take steps immediately to get back on their feet and find another job quickly.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Becky Frankiewicz, president and chief commercial officer of employment agency Manpower Group, spoke with Insider’s Cadie Thompson about how workers can do this. Here are three key steps Frankiewicz recommends you should take if you lose your job in layoffs:

Take stock of what you’ve accomplished

Before looking ahead to what’s next, you should reflect on what you achieved in your role, says Frankiewicz.

“It’s a crisis of conscience at first, like, ‘Am I not good enough? Did I do something wrong?'” she said. “The first thing that you should do is look back and be proud of the things that you achieved where you are…I would take stock and write 10 things that you contributed that you’re so proud of, so you build your own confidence.”

Focus on skills in your resume

When revamping your resume, zero in on the transferrable skills you have. In fact, the biggest challenge recruiters say they face in 2023 is the skills gap, according to Monster’s 2023 Work Watch report.

“It’s really important to refresh your resume and make sure that it reflects the skills, not the jobs, that you’ve had,” said Frankiewicz. “Employers are increasingly looking for skills: learnability, adaptability, agility, curiosity, communication skills — bring those things forward. Don’t just talk about the outcome. You’ve got to have your outcomes, yes, you need those. But an outcome is also how you contribute to the soft skills of an organization.”

Seek out another perspective

Lastly, consider enlisting a career coach to view your resume with fresh eyes and suggest tweaks and to help you throughout your job search more broadly.

“Especially if you haven’t looked for a job in a while, a different external perspective of someone who knows the current skills and demand, who can help you translate your experiences into skills and put it on the resume, is super helpful.”

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