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Trump is Determined Now More Than Ever to Straighten this Country Out” – Senator Lindsay Graham

After the FBI executed an unprecedented search warrant at his Florida estate, the Republican Party unified swiftly behind former President Donald Trump.

Among those who are exhorting Trump to officially announce his re-election include Indiana GOP Rep. Jim Banks, the chair of the Republican Study Committee and others of prominence in the Republican party. “The sooner he kicks off his campaign, the better,” Banks said in an interview.

Banks described Trump as being “upbeat,” “fired up,” and “not fazed at all” by the FBI search on his Florida property, CNN reported.

The picture that is unfolding before our very eyes is beyond crystal clear. Not only was the raid on Trump’s home a brazen and unprecedented assault on our treasured democracy and the constitution, but the fact that it was motived by partisan politics should make each of us take pause. Yes, this raid, which had no basis was used as “weaponization” of the Justice Department. Both the judge that signed the search warrant and Attorney General Merrick Garland should face a thorough investigation as well.

Having said that, we agree that Trump should vigorously fundraise now and announce his candidacy for president in 2024, forthwith.

Everyone who has eyes to see and ears that hear is convinced of a red wave in the November midterm elections as a resounding response to the abysmal failure of the Biden administration. And for Biden’s sake, he too should announce that he won’t be seeking re-election due to his rapid cognitive decline and the fact that his presidency has brought nothing but one failure after another, both domestically and on the foreign policy front.

Trump stands an excellent chance of gaining the Republican nomination for president in 2024 and no matter who the Democrats choose as his opponent, he still has a clear edge for it will be next to impossible for them to defend this current administration. So, bring on Hillary Clinton and others who seek the nation’s highest office from their rogues gallery, because it is Trump’s time once again.

The following GOP leaders weighed in on the FBI raid and on Trump announcing his candidacy for president sooner than some expected.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the Biden administration as a “regime” and called Monday’s Mar-a-Lago search for improperly taken classified documents “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents.”

Mike Pence, shared “the deep concerns of millions of Americans” over the search of Trump’s private residence. He said he said Attorney General Merrick Garland should “give a full accounting to the American people as to why this action was taken and he must do so immediately.”

Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri aggressively condemned the Justice Department on Trump’s behalf. Hawley called the search “an unprecedented assault on democratic norms and the rule of law.” He called for Garland’s resignation or impeachment and the removal of FBI Director Wray.

Cotton said Garland had “weaponized” the Justice Department against his political enemies, according to the AP report. “There will be consequences for this,” he warned.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson called the search “unprecedented and alarming.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called the FBI raid an abuse of power. He said: “This is really something that’s going to require an investigation. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the investigation leads to abuse of power that this could even lead to an impeachment of the attorney general.”

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters he spoke to the former President twice on Tuesday and “the one thing I can tell you is that I believed he was gonna run before and I am stronger in my belief now.”

“I think President Trump is determined now more than ever to straighten this country out,” Graham added.




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