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October 1, 2022 7:14 pm

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Brooklyn News Review

Trump is Determined Now More Than Ever to Straighten this Country Out” – Senator Lindsay Graham

After the FBI executed an unprecedented search warrant at his Florida estate, the Republican Party unified swiftly behind former President Donald Trump.

Among those who are exhorting Trump to officially announce his re-election include Indiana GOP Rep. Jim Banks, the chair of the Republican Study Committee and others of prominence in the Republican party. “The sooner he kicks off his campaign, the better,” Banks said in an interview.

Banks described Trump as being “upbeat,” “fired up,” and “not fazed at all” by the FBI search on his Florida property, CNN reported.

The picture that is unfolding before our very eyes is beyond crystal clear. Not only was the raid on Trump’s home a brazen and unprecedented assault on our treasured democracy and the constitution, but the fact that it was motived by partisan politics should make each of us take pause. Yes, this raid, which had no basis was used as “weaponization” of the Justice Department. Both the judge that signed the search warrant and Attorney General Merrick Garland should face a thorough investigation as well.

Having said that, we agree that Trump should vigorously fundraise now and announce his candidacy for president in 2024, forthwith.

Everyone who has eyes to see and ears that hear is convinced of a red wave in the November midterm elections as a resounding response to the abysmal failure of the Biden administration. And for Biden’s sake, he too should announce that he won’t be seeking re-election due to his rapid cognitive decline and the fact that his presidency has brought nothing but one failure after another, both domestically and on the foreign policy front.

Trump stands an excellent chance of gaining the Republican nomination for president in 2024 and no matter who the Democrats choose as his opponent, he still has a clear edge for it will be next to impossible for them to defend this current administration. So, bring on Hillary Clinton and others who seek the nation’s highest office from their rogues gallery, because it is Trump’s time once again.

The following GOP leaders weighed in on the FBI raid and on Trump announcing his candidacy for president sooner than some expected.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis described the Biden administration as a “regime” and called Monday’s Mar-a-Lago search for improperly taken classified documents “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents.”

Mike Pence, shared “the deep concerns of millions of Americans” over the search of Trump’s private residence. He said he said Attorney General Merrick Garland should “give a full accounting to the American people as to why this action was taken and he must do so immediately.”

Republican Senators Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri aggressively condemned the Justice Department on Trump’s behalf. Hawley called the search “an unprecedented assault on democratic norms and the rule of law.” He called for Garland’s resignation or impeachment and the removal of FBI Director Wray.

Cotton said Garland had “weaponized” the Justice Department against his political enemies, according to the AP report. “There will be consequences for this,” he warned.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson called the search “unprecedented and alarming.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called the FBI raid an abuse of power. He said: “This is really something that’s going to require an investigation. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the investigation leads to abuse of power that this could even lead to an impeachment of the attorney general.”

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told reporters he spoke to the former President twice on Tuesday and “the one thing I can tell you is that I believed he was gonna run before and I am stronger in my belief now.”

“I think President Trump is determined now more than ever to straighten this country out,” Graham added.




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Brooklyn News Review

NY Times: Electric Cars ‘Province of the Rich’ Even with Democrats’ Subsidies

John Binder

Even as House and Senate Democrats look to further subsidize electric vehicles, the New York Times admits the cars “remain largely the province of the rich.”

Senate Democrats recently passed their “Inflation Reduction Act” on a party-line vote, a plan that is estimated to eliminate nearly 30,000 American jobs and includes subsidies for consumers to buy electric vehicles.

The subsidies come as the average cost of an electric vehicle has hit $66,000 — a 13 percent increase compared to the same time last year. Today, the average price of a Tesla electric vehicle is nearly $69,000, a cost far out of reach for the nation’s working and middle classes that continue to be squeezed by inflation.

After the passage of the Democrats’ deal, the New York Times admitted that the subsidies for electric vehicles are unlikely to help most working- and middle-class Americans, instead giving a boost to upper-middle-class and wealthy Americans who are most likely to be able to afford electric vehicles.

The Times reports:

Policymakers in Washington are promoting electric vehicles as a solution to climate change. But an uncomfortable truth remains: Battery-powered cars are much too expensive for a vast majority of Americans. [Emphasis added]
The bottlenecks will take years to unclog. Carmakers and suppliers of batteries and chips must build and equip new factories. Commodity suppliers have to open new mines and build refineries. Charging companies are struggling to install stations fast enough. In the meantime, electric vehicles remain largely the province of the rich. [Emphasis added]
With so much demand, carmakers have little reason to target budget-minded buyers. Economy car stalwarts like Toyota and Honda are not yet selling significant numbers of all-electric models in the United States. Scarcity has been good for Ford, Mercedes-Benz and other carmakers that are selling fewer cars than before the pandemic but recording fat profits. [Emphasis added]

Still, Democrats have continued suggesting that Americans avoid sky-high gas prices by buying electric vehicles, despite the inability of many to do so because of the costs.

“Under my plan … we can take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles, that a typical driver will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump,” President Joe Biden said in March.

“Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well. So the people from rural, to suburban, to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV [electric vehicle],” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said in March, just as Tesla raised the prices of all its models.

Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), running for Senate, blasted Democrats for what he said will amount to working- and middle-class American subsidizing the rich.

“I see that [Democrats] want to help rich people buy a Tesla and … want to hurt working families who are trying to afford gas,” Budd said. “They completely have it backward.”

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at Follow him on Twitter here

The post NY Times: Electric Cars ‘Province of the Rich’ Even with Democrats’ Subsidies appeared first on The Jewish Voice.

Brooklyn News Review

IRS Job Listing: Special Agents Must ‘Carry a Firearm and Be Willing to Use Deadly Force’

AWR Hawkins

A job listing for the position of IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent stresses that applicants must “carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force” in order to carry out their duties.

The job listing says:

As a Special Agent you will combine your accounting skills with law enforcement skills to investigate financial crimes. Special Agents are duly sworn law enforcement officers who are trained to “follow the money.” No matter what the source, all income earned, both legal and illegal, has the potential of becoming involved in crimes which fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the IRS Criminal Investigation. Because of the expertise required to conduct these complex financial investigations, IRS Special Agents are considered the premier financial investigators for the Federal government.

It goes on to describe Special Agent “major duties,” which include “[carrying] a firearm and [being] willing to use deadly force, if necessary.” Applicants for the Special Agent position must also “be willing and able to participate in arrests, execution of search warrants, and other dangerous assignments.”

Breitbart News reported on June 19 Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-FL) concerns over the IRS’s purchase of approximately $700,000 of ammunition “between March and June 1” of this year.

Gaetz said, “There is concern that this is part of a broader effort to have any entity in the federal government buy up ammo to reduce the amount of ammunition that is in supply, while at the same time making it harder to produce ammo.”

On August 3 Breitbart News pointed to a tweet by Rep, Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in which she echoed Gaetz’s concern over the ammo purchases.

Boebert tweeted:

The Internal Revenue Service bought nearly $700K in ammunition earlier this year which begs the questions, why do their agents need guns to do their job and who are the IRS arming their agents against?

— Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) August 3, 2022


On February 10, 2013, two months into Barack Obama’s second term as President, Breitbart News noted the Department of Homeland Security’s stockpile of over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.

At the time, documents indicated DHS had 1.6 billion rounds stockpiled as of spring 2012 and had recently ordered over 20 million rounds more.

Many of the rounds purchased by DHS were in 9mm and .40 cal., both of which were extremely popular rounds with civilian gun owners at the time, leading some to believe the DHS ammo buy contributed to civilian market shortages.

When Rep. Gaetz commented on this year’s approximately $700,000 ammunition purchase by the IRS he hinted at a scenario where federal entities buy up ammo and put citizens in a place where the exercise of the Second Amendment is limited due to the inability to get ammunition.



Gaetz painted a dire scenario where the government reduces ammunition production “and, on the other hand, [soaks] up the supply of it.”

AWR Hawkins is an award-winning Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News 

The post IRS Job Listing: Special Agents Must ‘Carry a Firearm and Be Willing to Use Deadly Force’ appeared first on The Jewish Voice.

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Remembering Alan and Dorothy Bronstein | St. Thomas Source

“My mother Dorothy Joy Rudinsky was born on May 6, 1940 in Brooklyn, NY,” shared Tikvah. “My mother’s parents owned a pet store when she was …
Brooklyn News Review

In rare contact, US offers Russia deal for Griner, Whelan – The Associated Press

In rare contact, US offers Russia deal for Griner, Whelan  The Associated Press
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Disease X-19 Regions from Michael_Novakhov (8 sites): Google Alert – Coronavirus in brooklyn: NEW: COVID-19 dropping fast in Clark County for second straight week –

COVID-19 cases continue to drop fast in Clark County, falling more than 20% for the second week in a row according to data released Wednesday, …

7851814 Google Alert – Coronavirus in brooklyn

7862948 Disease X-19 Regions from Michael_Novakhov (8 sites)

The post Disease X-19 Regions from Michael_Novakhov (8 sites): Google Alert – Coronavirus in brooklyn: NEW: COVID-19 dropping fast in Clark County for second straight week – first appeared on Advertising – The News And Times.

Brooklyn News Review

Man who helped bankroll Brooklyn ISIS wannabe fighter sentenced to 11 years

Man who helped bankroll Brooklyn ISIS wannabe fighter sentenced to 11 years. By John Annese. New York Daily News. Aug 10, 2022 at 5:56 pm …
Brooklyn News Review

Brooklyn, NY – Woman Hit by Car on Williams Ave in East New York

Brooklyn, NY (August 10, 2022) – Law enforcement officers say that a woman was left hurt after she was struck by a motor vehicle in the East New …
Brooklyn News Review

1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites): : Новости: Российский боксер Гассиев навал самую гостеприимную страну Европы

This article links to a state controlled Russian media. Read more.

Российский боксер Мурат Гассиев навал европейскую страну, в которой почувствовал максимальное гостеприимство. «Если брать из Европы, то в Сербии самые доброжелательные люди. Везде они есть, но здесь как-то ко мне более тепло относятся», — заявил Гассиев. Боксер также отметил, что в Сербии чувствует себя как дома.


1557006 : Новости

6776987 1. Russian Press from Michael_Novakhov (80 sites)

Brooklyn News Review

Дни.ру: В свои 40 не торопится замуж и до сих пор без детей: как живет звезда “Тайн следствия” Эмилия Спивак

Эмилия Спивак появилась на свет в 1981 году в семье театрального режиссера Семена Спивака. Будущая артистка росла застенчивым ребенком, но с самого детства знала, что свяжет жизнь со сценическим искусством. После школы она исполнила свою мечту, поступив в академию театрального искусства в Санкт-Петербурге.

Главную роль в своей карьере Эмилия Спивак получила еще в студенческие годы. Актриса пошла на пробы “Тайн следствия”, чтобы проверить свои силы, и попала в проект. Спивак не только гармонично вписалась в историю, которая уже полюбилась зрителям, но и вошла в число любимиц публики. Героиня артистки должна была появиться в сериале всего на несколько серий, а в итоге стала одним из главных персонажей и задержалась на восемь сезонов.

После съемок в “Тайнах следствия” перед Спивак буквально оказались открыты все двери. Вскоре она снялась в фильме “Статский советник” и закрепила свой успех. Эмилия прославилась на всю страну, начала активно сниматься и стала востребованной актрисой. И если карьера звезды складывалась гладко, то в любовных делах ее часто преследовали трудности.

Личную жизнь Эмилии Спивак нельзя назвать бурной. Знаменитость не попадала в громкие любовные скандалы, не отбивала чужих мужей и не крутила романы на глазах у всей страны. Тем не менее серьезные отношения в ее жизни были. Однако замуж актриса вышла всего один раз, к тому же, неудачно.

В 2005 году у Эмилии Спивак завязался роман с актером Даниилом Спиваковским. Коллеги познакомились на кинофестивале “Кинотавр” и были вместе около года. В один момент возлюбленный даже сделал артистке предложение, но до свадьбы дело так и не дошло. Вскоре Спивак поняла, что пока не готова к созданию семью.

В 2015 году Эмилия все-таки решилась связать себя узами брака. Ее избранником стал актер и режиссер Эрнест Тимерханов. Влюбленные познакомились и начали встречаться еще в студенческие годы, но тогда у них ничего не вышло. Встретившись вновь спустя много лет, однокурсники возобновили отношения и поженились. Увы, брак оказался скоротечным. Супруги развелись, прожив вместе всего полтора года.

Сейчас, в свои 40 лет, Эмилия Спивак не торопится выходить замуж. Детей у актрисы пока не появилось. Если раньше звезда мечтала о наследниках, то теперь относится к вопросу пополнения проще. Эмилия уверена, что все сложится так, как и должно быть. Судя по всему, сожалеть об отсутствии семьи Спивак попросту некогда. Она по-прежнему остается востребованной актрисой и много работает.


356582 Дни.ру

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