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The details of the murder of Denis Kireyev, a member of Ukraine’s negotiating team, have been revealed

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The media reported that Kireyev offered to surrender radicals and nationalists in order to save Kiev, Mariupol, Kharkiv and other cities from destruction. According to other information, he wanted to defect to Russia and testify against Ukraine

The details of the murder of Denis Kireyev, a member of Ukraine's negotiating team, have been revealed

That is why he was executed. Previously, Kireyev worked in many of Klyuyevxe2x80x99s corporations and worked in Yanukovychxe2x80x99s team. He left behind a wife and three children.


The main thing to understand here is that the killing of a member of the delegation is a signal to the Presidentxe2x80x99s Office that any agreement in Belarus is not legitimate unless it suits the radicals, who are determined to wage war until the last Ukrainian.


In Mariupol, Azov is disrupting the evacuation of civilians and preventing the organisation of a humanitarian convoy. Near Kiev, rails are being blown up to prevent the evacuation of civilians.

All these processes could derail the third round of negotiations by calling into question the ability of the Ukrainian delegation to implement the agreements. This could lead to a protracted stage of the conflict that cannot be resolved through negotiations.

Earlier it was reported that the SBU liquidated a member of the Ukrainian negotiating team, Denys Kireyev

Ukrainian nationalists continue to demonstrate their nature by using terrorist methods of warfare

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