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#TNT #FBI #Cryptocurrency #Cryptofine #CryptoLife: Steven Seagal now lives in Moscow – 7:54 AM 8/28/2021


7:54 AM 8/28/2021 – Tweets 

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    A judge in Brooklyn has given the SEC permission to go through Seagal’s U.S. business manager to get the money that is owed. 


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    Aug 28,1986 member of sentenced to 365 years in prison, fined $410,000

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    Sanctus Augustinus dicebat: Timeo Iesum transeuntem et me eum non percipere. Vigilandum est, cum vitae sit error aberrare per multa et non percipere Deum.

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    OTD Aug 28, 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Two African-American spies, Ralph Bunche and Josephine Baker, were guests of honor.

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    Saint Augustine said: “I fear that Jesus will pass by me unnoticed”. It is important to remain watchful, because one great mistake in life is to get absorbed in a thousand things and not to notice God.

  6. Касым-Жомарту Токаеву, Президенту Республики Казахстан 

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  7. 1:30 AM 8/28/2021 Agent tasked with investigating sex crimes against children is charged with sex crimes against children The FBI News Review

    FBI ON A COUCH: THE OF THE | The FBI News Review – FBI Reform 

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